Each winter at Laguna San Ignacio and Bahía Magdalena we conduct research and monitoring surveys to document the occupation of these areas by gray whales, and evaluate the number of newborn calves produced. All of our research activities and findings are published on this website, in the peer reviewed literature, and in our Annual Reports to share with the community and fellow gray whale researchers. Our Publications section houses our Annual Reports and other special reports by year and location archived back to the beginning of the original "Laguna San Ignacio Ecosystem Science Program" (LSIESP) in 2006. Our most recent findings are provided in our Research Updates (AKA Blogs).  We conduct Abundance Surveys to document seasonal gray whale numbers and distribution, and the whales' timetable of arrival, occupation and departure from the Laguna San Ignacio and Bahía Magdalena aggregation and breeding areas. Photographic Identification allows the identification of individual whales, their fidelity to wintering areas, estimation of minimum age, females' calving intervals, and movements within the species range. Aerial photogrammetry from UAV-Drones provides information to evaluate individual whale Body Condition and growth of calves, and to document behavior and interactions with other marine wildlife. Each year we assemble digital Photo ID Catalogs and provide these online to allow other gray whale researchers to compare with photographs of gray whales in other portions of their range. Our Acoustics team has recorded and document gray whale vocalizations and the biological, marine, and human sounds that are present in the lagoons. Click on the bold blue links to view all of these individual pages. 


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Research Updates

Every season reveals something new about the ecosystem around us. Explore our research blog Updates and discover our findings through current and archived research and reports.

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Photo ID Catalogs

We post photo ID catalogs of gray whales from Laguna San Ignacio, Bahía Magdalena and other areas in Baja California to make them available to other gray whale researchers for comparison with photographs taken at their research sites. 

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Our Gray Whale Research in Mexico program (formerly the Laguna San Ignacio Ecosystem Science Program) has been publishing reports since 2006. Browse our Publications to see how our gray whale research program has grown and learn about our accomplishments and contributions to the body of knowledge for gray whales that winter in Baja California Sur, Mexico.